Attacked While Attacking

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Why am I being attacked? I was attacking a rouge faction base and then when my attack time had finished I couldn't go back to my base because it was being attacked.

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  • Mike Thomson
    Mike Thomson
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    It's because you were not at your base thus allowing people to attack you and is normal.

    In the near future hopefully they will be removing that option thus allowing people to attack you even if you are at your base but let you defend in real time.
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  • Q Rich
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    You can be attacked if you are not in your base.
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  • Jay30
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    I didn't know that, I thought you couldn't attack people while they were on the game even if they were at somebody else's base. I do agree with the thing about being allowed to defend. I think it is wrong that you can be off attacking else where and can't return to your base until somebody has finnished their attack.
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