How I get around loading issues.

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HI all, just thought I would give you all a tip on how to sort some of the loading issues as there is always a fresh thread here.
You all here that you need to update flash, clear cache etc.
Well to do it easily I set my Windows Updates to look for third party software, that covers the flash players.

Secondly I use a program to clear cache and unwanted cookies etc. There are loads on the market that cost but why spend when there are a few for free.
I use one called "CC Cleaner" free to download and real easy to use.

Lastly, defragment your hard drive as often as you can. The longer between doing so means the longer it will take.
Under 500 GB you can leave it for 2 weeks or so, over 500 GB you would be best to do it weekly if not more depending on how much file swapping you do, and lastly use the windows disc clean, not all unused files are cleaned with a third party cleaner.

I hope this will help those who need it.:rolleyes:
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