Battle Pirates Commercial *UPDATED* Must Watch!!

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    The-Jester wrote: »
    hope this helps:

    Thanks Ron for the link just found it in another post lol

    ohhh, In somebody's face... lol
    Lou Seal wrote: »
    So, I see that square base, roll up and flatten it. Suddenly there's sector police everywhere, the noob is crying on coms and everyone's looking at me like I'm the bad guy? Shoulda built a better base.

    I'm also not allowed back in that neighborhood.
    afroninja wrote: »
    I didn't think Man Tim could say anything more stupid, then what he normally post.. Today you have proved me wrong. Congrats. :D
    Rufi0 wrote: »
    "**** be loco"
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    thanks for the "constructive" criticisms (lol) all are noted and yes it is dubstep i have been trying to find a diffrent dubstep song, i choose dubstep cos it sounds "badass" like the commercial says unlike the thousands of BP vids on youtube with metal and death metal which sounds like static to me =/.

    The intro is the official Battle pirates intro but most player so not know it due to it only being seen to new players.

    The black on white is the best i can use with my horrible software, i will hopefully be getting sony vegas pro soon which will allow me to do fonts on fire =D.

    Thanks again for the feedback i will be making a updated-update version keeping the old ones online for no reason i just like me both ^_^
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    well it was a great movie but you got to much time on your hands .and you can have a lvl 41 fleet with hammers its just not that strong, multi guns. short mid and long range
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    Looks like I've got my Ticket to more Officers, Very good DeCoDray
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    DeCoDray wrote: »
    Hey everyone
    It's me again with a new and improved fanmade commercial!

    This is a fan made commercial made by me ^_^ please give me your thoughts.
    some kixeye employee's might be able to make it better as i was using such poor software, or if kixeye were to lend or give me access to some better video editing software such as sony vegas i will make a better one.
    And would it be possible to temporarily give me all three draconian ships as i really wanted to include them in my commercial.

    Thanks for watching
    please give me your feedback!!

    enjoy, like, rate, share.
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    Great job, fan-based work isn't supposed to be polished, it's supposed to reflect your passion about a shared experience.
    You nailed it, bro :)
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    The-Jester wrote: »
    hope this helps:

    Thanks Ron for the link just found it in another post lol

    Very nice, lots of whiners got busted now :cool:
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