Mercenary Fleets - What Were You Doing?

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Greetings Captains,

Since you've first been reporting issues with the mercenary fleets, our Quality Assurance have been trying to localize the issue on our end. We need a little help from you guys as we need to find a common element of what is causing the issue. Please report below specifically what you were doing when you first encountered issues with your mercenary fleets. No detail is too small.

Thanks guys, we want to fix this as much as you do. :cool:

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  • koralkat
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    Well, it's strange because I wasn't doing much of anything. Had two fleets saying they were available. Mostly taking salvage and outposts while the event was going on. Then left the game and came back later to see I only had 1 mercenary left. Did some more salvages with my fleets. Started some researches and upgrades. Left again for the night, came back this morning and didn't have any mercenary fleets left.
  • Jesse Hagenbeck
    Jesse Hagenbeck
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    i dont know if my mercs are actually even launchin because everytime i try it says i have however much time left till i can so i have no idea whats going on cause i havent even wanted to use them till now i just got the HH and would like to try but cant
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    whenever i try to launch a merc fleet i get the countdown telling me i have 4-12 hours (varies) left until i can launch the next one. i haven't been able to launch a merc for about 2 weeks now. i have 48 mercs in store and would like to use them but no matter when i try it won't let me.
  • Aaron Newland
    Aaron Newland
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    i had a merc fleet went to click on but i never launched it went to the sector map then came back to my base and my merc fleet was no where to found
  • ajaustin12
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    Just got this message when I went to launch a Merc fleet. No merc fleet in sight. I am down to 25 mercs now I get 1 a day from friends and I keep going down on my count. When this started I was up to 28 mercs. This has been going on for over a week now so lets do the math:

    1 merc per day = 7 mercs
    29-25= 4 mercs
    Total Mercs lost = 11 mercs (approximately)

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  • Sheep
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    Had mercs available to send out and watched the count down during last sent out.. noticed when i logged in this morning that the timer had reset itself to the start.
    During the whole timer count down I have been sending out mercs to people on my friends list.. and the timer counting down as it should..

    Just noticed that as the 12 hrs was up it had reset itself again to 12 hrs and taken another Merc from my number...

    this has been happening for the last 4 days .. During this I have been able to send out only 2 mercs from my allowance.
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  • Ron Hawkins
    Ron Hawkins
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    ahoy swag,

    I was sleeping. my merc is showing being dispatched 29 min ago. There was a attack on my mining fleet 5h 9 min ago. i log on. repairs my ships with CC. Have attacked 1 lv 25 drac base. my HH research was completed. I cashed in my res from manufacturing.

    There were 2 SOS and one game lock up. When I attacked the drac base could not connect to battle. I also had 57 coin now It say there is 0. but still left me do a rapid repair. then it showed my coin again.

    Vary Frustrating I got all the game glitches and have played but 15

    I hope this helps
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  • EvlDragon
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    I had it happen to a friend here lately and they had just their base hit and also used a rocket on them.I don't remember being able to use a rocket in your own base either????
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    I am seeing that at times I check the merc fleets and one is available for launch. I play for a little while salving etc and log off. I log back in later and then the merc timer is saying I need to wait X amount of time before a fleet is available for launch. It should be noted that I haven't used a merc fleet during any of these times and as a matter of fact I rarely use one. I am wondering if a timer is somehow started between log on/off times??? It should also be noted that this is random and I can't recall if each time was related to me salving or not but thought I would pass it along as a possible clue.
  • Richarde1957
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    Apparently, either when I log on, or off and back on BP, the game seems to take a merc fleet and launches it, and the counter starts counting down the 12 hours. The only thing is, besides launching a merc fleet I did not want launched, the fleet doesn't even show up on the map to be used.. If I am on the game at the time that the counter reaches 0, I can then launch a merc fleet that does show up on the map.. I have lost at least 10 to 12 merc fleets over the last week or so because of this glitch..

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  • sect34-Khaos
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    I Clicked to use a merc fleet, realized i had 50 mins still ( i had launched one earlier). About an hour later my base was attacked. I went to use my merc fleet and it had reset to timer to 11hrs 59 mins.
  • Wayne Lawley
    Wayne Lawley
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    my merc fleets have gone from three to zero,also everytime i launch a merc fleet the extras and weapons are very low not like any of my fleets its like a very low version of my reg fleets
  • Ron Valk
    Ron Valk
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    I didnt payed attention to it, till i read it on the forum.
    First time i just did see i was missing mercs, because i just screened it to say thanx for number 142.
    Because the next day there where only 141.

    Also during the raid, we did wanna try something out, i discovered a merc was launched..

    Didnt do nothing special, then only hunt some salvages fleets.

    But maybe its connected to the blueprints, because when my mercs was sending themselves out, i didnt found any prints
    ( normal i score 1 at a day )
    Now i dont have problems, and i did found my daily prints again...

    Btw Swag, i did loose 4 mercs total i think of this glitch, are they getting returned, reason, i heard the hammers show up in your merc fleets, so now i would say they would be usefull for me to use.
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  • rafius
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    What was I doing:

    My merc fleet has the timer at 11:38. So, 21 minutes ago I turned on my PC... logged into facebook.

    All my fleets were in my base. I had a research finish, but that was done well before this morning.

    I did get a merc fleet though, so it should have gone up 1. Maybe the repro step is sending a merc fleet to a friend, and not clicking on the button in the request.

    The bug is somewhere in your auto merc-request accepter. Since the only churn thats happened in that code is due to the FB Gifts change, maybe you could look there?

  • Calaway049
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    All I've been doing since the event if farming salvage. First noticed it halfway through the event. Just happened a second time.
  • macleoddv
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    I lost a few merc fleets while I wasn't even logged in.
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  • leewill31
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    i have lost 2 in 2 days now and as daft as it sounds i relie on them at the moment whilst i am building up my fleets but sorry i haven't a clue how or why?

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    The timer for my next available merc fleet started countdown from 12hrs immediately after I logged into BP. Hope that gives u another piece for ur puzzle.
  • 0x0
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    I was doing nothing in particular
    It first happened to me during the event (which was frustrating)
    but I did manage to launch one merc fleet during event (one only)
    my ID is 995424
    It is not occuring for everyone
    have same issue as everyone else, shows countdown and stops me from launching, even though it has been about 6 days.
  • GooberOT
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    I've done nothing. Everytime I want to launch a Merc, I get a x amount of time. Have kept the same amount of Merc's though, they are not going down. I believe in my case the timer just resets after the 12 hours but not launching them. I have not been able to use them for about 2 weeks now.

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  • lonestarbandit
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    Same issue. Had it for weeks. Many times the merc counter sticks to around 9 hours and sometimes 12. On some days I have mercs other days not. Also just ruined a regular fleet as none of my cutlasses would fire. Lastly yesterday when someone attacked my base it claimed that my base was attacking my base. Seriously guys the glitches are getting worse and play-ability is suffering. Lastly since its inception this game has had the docking bug. While I do understand it is in BETA still this is getting ridiculous. I understand the needs of adding new tiers and having events to generate income to fix the problems but a little more emphasis on glitch elimination especially long term ones such as the docking bug would be appreciated by your customer base.
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  • jegan337
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    Swag, I cannot lock the problem down to anything, I came on today and hit the merc to launch one and it told me I ha 11 hours until I could launch another. So some time while I was still in bed the timer went off for some reason. I have turned in a ticket but have not heard anything back.
  • Tony Roberts
    Tony Roberts
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    merc fleet screwed up id.#1968127
  • BP-TurtlePower
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    Over the past week or so, I've don't think I've received a single merc fleet and no one is able to send them. Is this a glitch or is there something that I have to do that I'm not doing?

    Appreciate you looking into this.

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  • Richarde1957
    Joined Nov 2011 Posts: 19
    I am still losing merc fleets. They are showing as being deployed at times when I am not even online.. Is this going to get fixed soon or what?
  • 305-willem
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    same here, losing merc fleets...
    lost about 30 now i guess....
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  • StormSquall
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    Just checked now.

    Down 1 Merc Fleet.

    Timer is saying 56 mins left. FYI this would put me in bed as well. Logging out of the game?

    Last thing I done last night was accept a fleet from a friend. Today I have been mining and hitting salvages. With my regular fleets.

    I read somewhere blue prints. If it related. I did find 2 blue prints before I was AFK comeback and the merc was launched. But that wouldn't go with the timer..
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  • gympirate
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    I've been having this problem for a while, it's intermittent but occasionally I will log in, try to launch a merc fleet and then find out that one launched several hours previously. Often I wasn't online when this occurred (it's normally while I sleep). I have noticed it happen occasionally after my base has been attacked and sometimes when I have clicked the merc fleet icon but not deployed a fleet, then I come back later and the timer's running.
  • ajaustin12
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    Happened again today. My counter:
    BP Counter.jpg

    I am not sure what more details I can give you since I have put a work ticket in on this with my BP ID, FB ID, posted screen shots of the counter, and the duration that this has been going on.

    I am tired of not being able to use my mercs and tired of them disappearing.
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  • labaron26
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    Same as most of others....wasnt doing anything different, just went to launch a merc one day, and saw that the timer was already running, saying I had a merc fleet out, but none was visible on my map still happening from time to time, and my total keeps going down....Now, sometimes I can launch and other times, the timer is already running....gave up complaining about it....
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