KIXEYE can you make ships immune to get stuck and try to fix your battle engine?

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Here is 2 videos 1 off my fleet getting stuck dunno how my ships managed to drive in reverse into that wall since they entered from west and not east >.<

Here is another video where i attacked a base and got killed by lagg so i knew i was screwed so u just sent my ship on autopilot to the WHs just tho show you how bad the battle engine is i even had problems launching my rocket since that lagged to >.< and i didn't loose internet connection at 2:22 in the base attack it was only game who got bucked Argh... This happens to me in 3 of 5 base attacks. Reason i didn't refresh when timer stopped is because this have happened to me before i refresh and then i can't get into battle so either way i am screwed. As i was thinking about wouldn't it be a better idea to fix these bugs before releasing new stuff and updates? "Sigh"

Even in this video my ship acting weird if you look closely, look closer >.< ships going sideways Lucky that guy only had 2 turrets o.O

Please fix this Base attack bugs(Engine failure)! Happens so often that i am getting afraid off attacking bases because it allways ends upp with stuck fleets or laggy uncontrolled ships. :confused:
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    Link above is to a now closed thread that I started in support. They aren't looking in to ships getting stuck, but I still think it's an issue. I refit a bunch or ships back to NO engines and some still get stuck for minutes at a time. Maybe they'll dig a bit more if more people point out the issue. Look in the support page to learn how to post if you haven't already - you need to get the right people to see this. Let me know if you need help figuring it out

    Ships will go slower when they hit the ground - that isn't a bug - but they shouldn't get flat out stuck
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    I know this is **** annoying, but bees did you forget there is a retreat button. The worst scenario is when this happens and the retreat button has retreated 1st, so you have to refresh by which time when the game reloads the damage is done and the battle is over !
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