Base Attacks and loot taken

Hugh Huffie Franklin
Hugh Huffie Franklin
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Why when your base is attacked, no matter how much damage done to the fleet attacking, do they still leave with tons of res? surely if some of the ships are sunk they should only get a % of what they should have got? I Ask as i was attacked today and sank 4 of the 5 levi's that attacked yet the guy got loads more res than 1 levi could carry is it a miricle or just a strange quirk?
  • Calaway049
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    It's called a fictional game.
    Hmm, I don't recall saying all those things, but that is SO what I would have said.
  • hal_jordan
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    the attacker keeps the amount of res gotten regardless of the number of ships that get sunk
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  • WhenEvilComes
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    its called your base did not defend the attack so the attacker gets to keep what he takes... Kill him before he ever gets to your WH's and he will get little to nothing..

  • gregde81
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    Calaway049 wrote: »
    It's called a fictional game.


    I am tired of people saying in real life it would not happen this way. When was the last time you saw a pirate with a sub, or in control of missiles/EMPs.
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    Ships don't die, when they get to 0 health they automatically "retreat"
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