I'm wondering how this is POSSIBLE?

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This is about Mining and Drac Fleets.

In the last week or so I have noticed when sitting on a mine with My FF/Lev fleet I get attacked more then I'd like to. Me and my Room mate sat on the two same leveled mines and they were level 9 Energy. He had full Lev Fleet. With in 1hrs time I got attacked by the Drac's 3 times he said he only got hit once in the 1hrs time. Now if I put my Lev fleet on the mine I get attack less. This just doesn't make no sense to me at all.

Like today I was sitting on a level 8 ZYN my FF/Lev fleet got attacked by the Drac Fleet so I sent it home and put my Lev fleet on it in stead like 5mins later that Lev fleet got attacked by the Drac fleet now how is that possible??????? I thought there was a limit on when the drac fleet came out. My fleet was the only one to get hit. I get attacked about 5times in 1hrs time when my FF/Lev fleet is mining.
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    if they had a obvious and predictable pattern to when they come out people could use it to their advantage so its basicly random
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    Sometimes this happens to me too. My solution was to stop mining and get bases instead. D:

    Some mines are just more desirable to the dracs..
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    um i think ur captain of the levis pizzed them off
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