Being Banned unfairly...

  • CaribianPirat
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    And he never reply to this, and now 28 pages LOL. I have worked my way up from lvl 1, and many players have done same. For us this cheaters destroy the game. And on top, this cheater/hacker is a policeman??? :D GREAT WORK KIXEYE :D
  • texterr
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    our sector suspects strat in sector 62 may be hacking, he's a level 33 with hammerheads and drac ships with what seems to be endless fleets but couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag. lol his coords are36768,36. can you please investigate.
  • Jim Bradshaw
    Jim Bradshaw
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    WTG Kixeye!!!
    Please investigate All of FOF in sector 347
    Sector 347 full of Jerks.
  • nuke187
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    shot down in flames dude lmao
  • jandoedel
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    Nice to see this hope, he spend $ 5000 right...
  • Omega Fleet
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    jandoedel wrote: »
    Nice to see this hope, he spend $ 5000 right...
    Survey and results say.....


    Failboats......$ 5,000.00 worth of them.
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