People on comms using ascii to replace letters to cuss and say words

Luci Lei
Luci Lei
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Hello guess what word i learned from the comms from a player named TEUFEL_HUNDEN-73344 that is Sector 285. I had to look it up on wiki but its a bad thing to say. but i do not understand why he says that word. the new word i learned from him was ****. i had to ask my older brother what that word means. because all i found out was it is called **** for a bundle of sticks or something like that for the united kingdom. so i asked him and he asked me where i hear that word from, and i told him i saw it on the comms from teufel. my brother told me to tell u guys about him.

Excuse, my sister's poor typing skills. This is Luke, Luci's brother. I that you should do something about this guy. He not only does not heed to any warnings about not saying profanity in comms due to the fact that there are 13 yo's that play this game. Also he constantly states that he is gay, yet he uses words like "****", ****, **** you, and is very aggressively nasty. I'm 37 and get disgusted from his rants with his group of friends who decided to relocate to our sector. They also claim that you guys won't ever kick them or ban them cause they spend credits on it and thus would be losing a revenue. I can hope to believe that you guys are not that shallow to just care for the money but not the innocence of those young players. I don't know about you and your kids, but my folks do not allow or tolerate profanity of any kind in or outside of the home. I do understand that kids these days know and speak out the F words, and know how to scream Sh... poo if the F up.

Common sense usually kicks in if there in comms they tell the others that there are kids who play this game and that they are not the only ones who play. And to see these so called married adults acting like morons and jackass' and disrespecting people in comms with derogatory terms and pretty much throwing discriminative hateful words that if said in public or acted on they would get accused for hate crimes. It's not like how black people say the N word to each other for the gay community. Just because one person or persons are gay they do not say hey **** to each other in public. Its frowned upon. I know since I have several gay friends. This is my two cents. Do something about the comms, since you guys censor words that end with the letter s like his and if the next word is hit it is censored. But to allow **** or ****. should be entered as well into that database. Did you not think to go as far as letters to punctuations or even numerals?

ok.. but i don't know now if my parents will let me play it now. but i like it its fun. but if i keep learning words like that and others then i won't get to play. ok i go to play other games now. i had to let u know about that bad person.

Luci Lei
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    Quick options, use the build in ignore functions, or take screen shot and report them from the website, and NOT on this forum. :)
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    13 yrs old not allow to be on FB period i think the lowest age is 16?
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    13 yrs old not allow to be on FB period i think the lowest age is 16?

    The allowable age is 13....
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