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Bert 47
Bert 47
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The past weeks i've been salvage hunting. I must have got almost 300 mil during those weeks. How many blueprints i got, zero. Not a single one. I've been hunting lvl 5,6,7,8 and 9. But no blue print. I belief i must have gotten some by now. Yes i could buy the resting pieces and get the weapons like that but that is not the way but it looks to me that here is something wrong and yet again for credit cart players only.
Please proof i'm mistaken and got it all wrong.
  • AarrgghhAlan
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    I used to get a lot of blueprints, now I get none. No matter what level salvs I hit. What's with this? Either give us the weapons or the blueprints. Not a fair game by any means...
  • total burnination
    total burnination
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    i remember when i got blue prints that was great now they all just disapeared
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    as a guy down to only tier 3 missing items i dont get them often only 8+ ship drop for me i do get them but rare
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  • Vancouver Jimmy
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    The 2% blueprint drop rate leads to almost 2 years of salvaging for a new player to get all the blueprints. I've done the math. It's an INSANE system that Kixeye has put in the game to force people to buy blueprints. I have reported it to Facebook as contravening their policies on free gaming. If that doesn't fix it then I'll get the word out how Facebook accepts games that require money to play despite their policies. Kixeye can't simply use Facebook and not follow the rules. It's too bad they have pushed this issue so far. Given all the complaints in the forums they should know how upset players are about it.
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