Stew With Canadian Flag on avatar if someone knows him

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k heres the story he used to destroy my base but now i have different base layout paladins lvl 3 and i destroyed hes base 3 times and he failed destroying mine 4 times after i changed layout so for past 3 days all im doing with his base is destroying hes rhinos paladins (you can see destroyed pals and rhinos on pic) hes 1 mortar tower 2 metal storages 1 power plant and war factory to be more clear im not giving him chance to rebuild hes army but thing is that im kinda sad about the fact that i have to do that all day hes base means nothing atm for me as far as he cant gather rocouses because of low enargy and hes nothing in stocks so i decided to find him throught FB and talk with him and maybe help only because i respect good enamys and he used to be a good enamy i was barly defending against him so im just asking anyone has him in there friend list at facebook or if he uses at list forums tell him to conttact me at Fb i just want to add him in friends and help him out with rebuilding and not attacking :)

(y and theres no offtopic section so i posted here )
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