I THINK something is WRONG with Bunkers and RF resources

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1. BUNKERS with men
Heavy gunners have 238 range, rifles have 288 range max. My Copters have 290 range. And Snipers cant shot birds.

Why the men inside the bunker can shoot me before copters can reach them? Do the men inside bunkers have bipod to let their guns more stable? I cant find this in the field manual..

2. NPC resources

Just now i attacked a Lv27 Son of Saits with everything crashed down. I only get 223 482 metal and 106 939 oil for a cc. That is not enough for me to build my army that died in the war. Why is this happening? new update? but later i attacked a lv28 Eastern Horde. I get 900k from a oil storage and 1M from a metal storage.

Please tell me what happen... thanks.
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