Grouping large numbers of units

Andrew Evins
Andrew Evins
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I have noticed that when I deploy large numbers of tanks and infantry that they bunch together in one small area making them extremely vulnerable to explosive devices (rockets, mines, tank rounds, etc.). Feedback/advice if you please. Thanks :-)
  • Stephan Drabosenig
    Stephan Drabosenig
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    yeah thats the same effect like in backyard minsters. if u dont want that, u have to do some work for picking them out of eachother
  • rip901
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    they working on forcing them to spread out
  • CCWubbiducki
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    It's good to have them close together, they all fire at the same time. However, when fighting Mortars, Tanks, and other explosives, you might want to sacrifice some riflemen. For example, if you absolutely KNOW a mine is somewhere and you can't avoid it or it would take too much time to avoid it, just send 1 riflemen and blow it up. That way, your other, more important units can survive and you only lose 10 space worth of units.
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  • desmondyeoh
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    **** this. i just lost my rocket buggies on a damned mine
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