what yall think is the best way to defend airstrike?

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maybe 10 hercs or an army of riflemens, gunners and humvees?? what yall think? most of my turrets is in lvl 9 n i still get ownd by the mothafcking cobrass
n ****
  • brown james
    brown james
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    I think the planes should last longer and have more machine guns in them so they can do more damage mine are not worth anything they not high enough lvl and it takes too long to up grade them all the targets on my war page are eithor friends or to low to attack or above me and have all the big guns .,,,,,lol,,,
  • Stevie Emm Kay
    Stevie Emm Kay
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    drones should have more armor too. at least enough to make a single pass and drop before being shredded
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