Taking out turrets?

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What is the best strategy to take out turrets? Should I go for the power plants? How much effectiveness does each turret lose with each power plant destroyed?

Thanks in advance.
  • webjogi
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    your can take them out easily by Razorbacks. Gun Turrent max range at max level 10 will be 345 and razorbacks max range is 399. So they are easy hit.

    But just now today's,27th Oct, update gave mortar tower huge range so new strategy needs to be developed :mad:
  • rip901
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    copter drones for mortars. razors for guns
  • Tony Hansen
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    sry all of this is irrelevant now because mortar's range just got doubled if not tripled. u can still get mortars if their is no gun turret near by and visa versa
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  • Mike Thomson
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    Use tanks as right now they can take the damage and deal massive damage to them now that no unit can out range them any more.
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