Can i have advice on air units.

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I haven't been playing War commander too long, i am level 20 and i am 2 stars away from fully upgraded copter drones.

My question is about which type of air assualt is best because so far i have found hammering out the copters and floating about picking off things is a piece of cake. However when i tried using the aeroplane units i found that i couldn't control where they went only where they flew over and that 9/10 they get iced halfway across a single run.

Are they used for taking out defenses ? cause if they are they suck lol or are they just used to quick level buildings ? Are copter drones the best air unit to use ?

Thanks for any tips and advice given below, much appreciated.
  • Zaxarias Mar
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    I use ground units to destroy enemy units and machine gun turrets.Which means i make way for the airforce.You can control helicopters by clicking on them.As for airplanes you can:
    1)click on the planes icon on the left where you choose which units you bring to fight.
    2)If enemy anti aircraft guns are in the area do the same as above and select retreat to the right of the planes icon.
    3)In order to select a new target for example a power plant instead of an academy you select the planes and press
    retarget just to the right of the planes icon and then click on a building to target it using planes.
    I hope that helped and to anyone interested in having a friend my name in FB is Zaxarias Mar.
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