How much res need and how long it takes for tech centre to up from lv 8 to 9 ???

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Anyone know how much res need for lv 8 to lv 9 and also lv 9 to lv 10 need?

Also how long is it?
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    Can't remember the resourse requirement of LV8 to LV9...

    but LV9 to LV10 need 19145384 metal and 9658154 oil resourse

    you also need wait the ridiculous 11day 22hrs
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    freaky wrote: »
    you also need wait the ridiculous 11day 22hrs

    Plus add on extra time for when your building is destroyed. ;)
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    I'm just upgrading mine to level 9 now. It takes around 10 million metal, 5-6 million oil and just under 8 days to upgrade. Sorry I cant give you the exact numbers as I started upgrading it yesterday.
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