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Greetings Commanders!

My name is Fidget and I’m the Executive Producer of War Commander.

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you all and to address some of the challenges you have been facing, as well touch on what’s in store for us in the future.

I joined War Commander on the design team and have been through event format restructures, new generations of units, the introduction of Factionless Uniques, and so much more.

We’re a tight, committed team and work hard every week to create new content for you all to enjoy. Keeping this pace going for you is challenging, especially when we need to address an ever-growing list of technical hurdles such as server problems, negative Blood Thorium balances, broken base Accolades, and cheats and exploits. We take all of this very seriously and do our very best to ensure we’re tackling it all as quickly as we can. Believe me when I say that we hear your concerns and are hard at work to address them.

In the last 18 months we’ve knocked a lot of items off our list. Stat compression, the switch to HTML 5, CC18, and crushing several cheats to name a few. What’s coming up for us next? In the end of 2022 we’ll be launching a new subevent called Skirmish, rolling out a new line of Heroes, and of course our annual KIXMAS give-aways in December. There’s more coming in 2023 with a PVP adjacent subevent called Sector Breach, changes to Shadow Ops, and a new version of Showdown.

As some of you may also know, we’ll be moving our forums over to Discord in order to more centralize our community. With that move, I’m committed to having a consistent presence on the forums and will be participating in discussions and making myself more available to hear your concerns and great ideas!

It’s been over 10 years since War Commander launched and we’ve come this far all because of you, our battle hardened community but we’re not done yet, not by a long shot.

See you on the battlefield.

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