[ANNOUNCEMENT] Forums Migrating to Discord November 15th

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Hello Pirates,

We will be transitioning our Forums from our KIXEYE website to our Discord servers! 

Over the last several years, our Discord community has grown large enough that the majority of our community now congregates to Discord to socialize, get game updates, share strategies, form new alliances, and have a new layer of fun with our games. Now that Discord has added a new Forums function to their platform, there is an opportunity to have all our community features under one single platform, making a single hub for all our players to go to for all things related to our games.

On November 15th this transition will be complete and the Discord Forums will fully replace the KIXEYE web forums.In addition to this working like normal forum posts, these forums also incorporate all the other features of Discord, such as tagging, reactions, etc. The best part of it all is that you can seamlessly transition between using the Forums and the rest of Discord chats without having to leave another browser or app. 

Moving forward, all Release Notes, Briefings, and Game Announcements will be posted on our Support Site, that can be accessed by clicking the “Support” Button on the top bar of the KIXEYE site.

In order to join Discord if you haven’t done so already, make an account or join the server HERE:


You can use Discord through either a browser tab or an app on your computer or phone/tablet, so no matter how you want to connect to the game’s community, you’ll be able to do so.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your moderators or myself and we’ll be happy to help you get to know the new system.

We’re excited to have all our players under one community roof for the first time again in years, and look forward to the fun and future of the game!

Thanks for playing,


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    Some quick answers to some Frequently Asked Questions/Concerns:

    Q: Forums are more structured and organised than Discord chat. I signed up previously to Discord and didn't like the discussion format. Why make this change?
    A: We agree that forums and discussion rooms provide different experiences, thats why we had them as separate systems previously. But Discord now supports a Forum section and this represents an opportunity to unify our different communication platforms, better supporting our ability to communicate with players and for players to engage in both formats if they choose. If you don't like the discussion part of Discord, you don't have to go there. If you don't like the forums part, stick to the discussion section. You're free to choose.

    Q: If I don't sign up to Discord, where will I get information about the game?
    A: The release notes and other important information will appear on our help center, linked above the game and through Facebook. We still encourage you to sign up to Discord though as it lets you better engage with other players and the team.

    Q: I don't want to install the Discord app because it doesn't work on my computer/runs slow for me/I'm worried about my phone battery/I simply don't like it.
    A: Good news! You don't have to install the app if you can't or don't want to, the Forums are accessible in your browser. 

    Q: What happens to the existing forums?
    A: We've copied important information to the Discord Forums already. The existing Forums themselves will cease to be accessible.

    Q: What about moderation, I'm concerned about spam/off topic nonsense?
    A: This will make things easier for our moderators and team because there is more powerful tools and they can manage both the discussion and forums from a single access point.

    Q: Will important issues get lost in the noise on Discord?
    A: No, because the forums sections and discussion sections are separate. In fact we more frequently and rapidly get information from Discord about issues already. We also provide more frequent updates through the announcements channel. 

  • Templar614
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    Here is a link to the support page: https://battlepirates.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
    This is still where you will submit tickets and where posts from Kixeye will be placed. Currently you navigate here when you click the "support" tab at the top of the forums. There is button on the home page that says "Release notes and briefings" and is where you will find all future posts from Kixeye.

    This is a direct link to the section where the posts will be located:
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