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Fortis et Fidus
Fortis et Fidus
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I can't buy War Barge part. Bought 1 then not shown as a option to buy again. I have 5 I think of the 8 needed.
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  • mark761
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    You probably got 6 now the most anyone can have . Get other 2 on OPPS 
  • it will fitz
    it will fitz
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    like All past Shadow Op units ...

    at this time we can have 6 of 8

    we still need 2 more Phases to get the last 2 parts (unless kix offers an additional chance at 1 part for next near event)

    Phases are Weekly at Best, usually interrupted by events

    we can only have 6 of 8 parts at this time

    same as Every Other Shadow Ops unit we have ever had 8 phases (weeks) ...

    the difference is when they offer Platinum (aka special) tech for a Shad Ops unit, and, based on history, it is 8 parts over 3 phases (weeks)
  • suckmekix
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    That is a crap. Have waste xp there too, thinking I can buy the extra 3 parts like u. But is a hoax like always kixeye did. Show u u have 5/8 than u buy 1 and that think disapear and a NOX part move there to u buy for a more expansive price "1 part only" ;-) 
    Congrats, like you and me, we pay 385k twice for 1 NOX part...

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