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The following changes & fixes are being applied in the Thursday, October 27th at 10am PDT update.

[Nightmare: Ghosts of the Past]

Mutoto’s rampant use of thorium has sent out a call. Kane and his forces are answering.

This Event will debut the Factionless Unique Unit, Nox. Fired from Kane’s Forces for his alternative views on employee recruitment, he has vowed to start his own army from scratch. At level 1, Nox's weapon applies Cursed status, which causes afflicted enemies to come back as Revenants after death. At level 11, Revenants are more powerful. Nox's weapon applies Fire status. At level 20, Revenants cause Cursed status and apply Fire status. Nox will unlock after earning 80 parts in the Nightmare Event Store, and he can be taken to Elite levels after earning 5 Elite Parts in the Nightmare Event store. In addition, Nox has Bronze, Silver, and Gold tech available, Whirling Demon, A League Above, and Raven’s Reach.

Also available in Nightmare is the return of BUB! You can also level up Bub to his max levels by purchasing up to 45 Training Tokens in the Event Store. Bub also has new Silver and Gold Tech, Bub No Hurt and Bub Hurt available in the Event Store.

Last but not least, it wouldn’t be Nightmare without Firetech to burn the zombies down, so joining the Nightmare store is new Firetech for Hyperion, Commandant, Janissary, Abraham, Phobos, Crucible, Perseus, and Bub!

STARTS: October 28th at 10:00am PDT

ENDS: October 31st at 10:00am PDT

  • General Fixes and Improvements

  • Braden’s Hero Tag did not go away at level 6 - FIXED

  • Andrew’s Range dropped by 50 at level 15 - FIXED

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