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With every level completed and immediately sinking into the mire of wasted purpose and potential, my retro lab beckons forth yet another Idea. In the case of Base Weapons, a repurposing of the Retro Lab to offer section specific research IE; Weapon Range, Damage Buff Increase to Splash and/or Projectile speed and reload including lowering energy consumption, ending with a special Mastery Perk for a full Retro Lab Researched Turret Weapon at R5. This proposition will reinvigorate player competitiveness and encourage more game play, while simultaneously opening a new door for newer players to encroach on more advanced gameplay without the level and tech gap. The Repurposing/Utilization of the Retro Lab prevents the need and addition for cost expense in programming time to introduce a new feature for a new function, therefore limiting cost venture-profit gap with minimal expense. The Introduction of this feature through the Retro Lab will leave the Door open for more similar Ideas while avoiding gameplay plateauing. Keep it fresh so to say. Have a Great Day Pirates.  

*Im almost out of Old Hulls to Retro Research, while everything else is maxed out. 
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    *Im almost out of Old Hulls to Retro Research, while everything else is maxed out. 

    How many of those have VXP repair specialists?

    Something that the research times could be reduced massively on then applied to NEW hulls :smile:
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    I like the idea of using the retrofit lab for its intended purpose of retrofitting hulls that are useful in a meaningful way I would like to see upgrades (just renamed retrofits) moved to their proper place in the retrofit lab

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    Sounds good.

    The unfortunate thing is that Kix doesnt give much forethought to an idea. 

    They dont plan "enough" on how and what will happen with it as the game develops. They know the way the game is going, as they make it that way, so incorporating a "Retro Lab" to run along side one would think wouldnt be too hard. Yet here we are.

    Just look at the objectives? SSRB's? Expeditions.. etc etc all the coming soon's. Its good initially but there is no staying power because like any "new" toy players want to have a go, but dies off pretty quick as it doesnt adapt with the game.

    They (Kix) may say they don't have time, my suggestion, stop adding "new" FM targets every month, and focus on some of these ideas that players are coming up with. If you can't just say why. - We'd like too, but the coding involved in that although easy affects 3 other game aspects that would require a massive overhaul.

    See even come up with an excuse for you to use.
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    In addition, with nothing to do in the Retrofit Lab, it makes Uranium obsolete too. I spend a tiny amount rolling for crews, and that's it.
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    Just pretend it doesn't even exist.

    I find that to be the best answer to dead features.
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