Alliance Bonuses

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I think it's about time to update the Alliances Bonuses.  I don't see a need for blueprint and loot drop increases anymore in the current game.

Also while I'm on the subject of updating totally useless things in the game....with the new year around the corner, is there any plan for Kix to focus the bulk of their efforts on fixing and updating the game??? It seems like the primary focus of this game has been on pushing new ships and base specials. The rest of the game in terms of bonuses and features has lost it's luster. I think they can spare a couple of months to get this done and it will give some players a chance to catch up.
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    Nope, pushing new ships/turrets is how they get their $$$ and Xmas bonuses...

    While I agree with a good portion of what you say, sadly it can be summed up with "Coming soon"
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