Research level 30 R & D

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Hi all, I just can not figure out how I get rid off the -8h R&D sign at my base. At the foundry I researched everything I could.
Hope someone can help me with this
:D I really want a PINK ship!!! :D
  • Your_shadow
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    edited 22 Oct 2022, 5:52PM
    What it probably is (coz my base has it too) is probably something else in the OP being built, like something for a Mega, or a Conq VXP token.

    It'd be nice for a Mod to confirm that, though.

    & that R&D sign could mean more than 8 hours, IIRC
  • Greg Bayes
    Greg Bayes
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    everytime you research parts for megaship or the vxp token that appears means nothing and doesnt mean your gonna get hit more because of it either hell hardly anyones hitting these days :(

  • Your_shadow
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    In the days when R&D was new, yes, people would hit for the bonus of time deducted from the hitter, then added to the victim

    But these days, anyone doing R&D doesn't have to fear being swatted for R&D only, as 'most' players already have completed it.
  • MillionDlrBil
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    if it's the "Research level: 7001" then it's mega stuff, it's there intentionally so players can work out which bases may assist in reducing their research time. 
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