[ANNOUNCEMENT] Farewell To CM_Hank

KIX Drake
KIX Drake
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edited 21 Oct 2022, 8:30PM

I have some sad news that Hank will not be returning from his family leave. Everything is okay, but for privacy reasons it cannot be discussed. He wanted me to pass on to you all that he loved working for you all, and he'll miss his Legion of Hanks.

 I'll be stepping into the role of Community Manager of Battle Pirates again, along with still being the Community Manager of War Commander, so please feel free to come to me with all your community related needs. I do ask that since I am covering two games, to be understanding and patient if I'm not able to respond right away or it takes me a while to get you an answer. I'll certainly be trying to do my best.

Please join me in wishing Hank a fond farewell for all his services to these fine seas. He's a fine pirate.
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