Game Glitches are Ridiculous

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Yesterday as I was removing and adding units to my platoons, I'd get a frozen screen. I'd refresh the page and try again and it would freeze again. eventually I'd get my platoon built but now as I was trying a test run on the Ultra Base, I go to hit end battle and the screen froze again and this time I lost a unit and now have to wait 8+hrs for it to repair. Bad enough the Ultra Base is overkill and I can just barely beat the level now I have to worry about freeze screens when I go to end battle. Seriously?
  • eric.ogle.1232
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    most of the time this happens its because your computer is not updated or your computer is to small for the game. 
  • BullinAmingVase
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    I have been getting freezes for the last day. Never before. 3 Ultra bases have not paid out during freezes.

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