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Potential Threat
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had to take time away from game and have fallen about 10 months behind.  I am sure others that were more active than me can understand this post.  if the raids a nd camps are too hard an not available for new or returning players, whom are u catering to, ur friends, or ur family.  i doubt u will make long term profits this way.  you are catering to 1000 when you have 11000 saying wtf why play.  balance needs to be shifted back.  i remember when the player base was just under 1 million, and yes i started when it was casualcollective.  times change game has activity, promote dont leece and the game will stay longer.  ship classes ruined the fun, when any fleet could be hit or any fleet could hit a base it was worth wasting time on, now not so much.  there needs to be a change
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