Deep Cover Camp

Potential Threat
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Fully upgraded Purifier Flt, 9 hours damage round 1, brilliant strategy kix,
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    Was that just round one, prize pack one, not the 1st prize pack itself?

    That's nuts

    Edit: So I had a look at it, I saw Damicles 'can' be used. It's also co-op (get a friend to help)

    Now, the fact that a lesser siege fleet suggests to me that perhaps a BETTER siege fleet may be viable

    Have you tried Obliterators on it? (if allowable)

    Also, invest in a bunch of small long pinch rockets. Stock up on them, pinch the problem turret clusters (they don't take long to build, even if you have to scrap some good rockets)
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    8h40m using 4 Obliterators and the most half-assed driving imaginable to complete all campaign runs. If I really wanted to I could have actually tried to drive and did each individual encounter for basically instant base repair.

    Never use the designated tier of tech when there's a higher tier available. The performance gap is massive in one area or another.
    Started in 2011, sector 19.
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    Yep, use the "newer" hull if you have it available.

    In most instances you'll be better off damage wise
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