Another unplayable pillage

Potential Threat
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once again another over the top damage event nice going kik, keep up on killing the game
  • Max Thornton
    Max Thornton
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    My flag gambit is U3, 3 ships are U2 and I'm using a spare while one upgrades to U3. The spare has old weapons and armor and is U0. Weapons, armor and upgrade level doesn't matter at all. They all take the same amount of damage. What's the point of getting special weapons and armor if they don't make a difference? What's the point of upgrading if it does nothing at all?
  • michaelg21
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    Hank/Kixeye-Why do we have to go through this every event?? I have U3 Gambits and the Pillage target did 2 HOURS damage for ONE target. Why? I don't understand why you guys insist on turning the damage up this far. Not realistic.
  • pizzapirate
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    we know what comes next,kix: `we listened,reduced damge a very little bit,and maybe a rep token,for 12 hours ;) 
  • ACAM73
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    This is why I try not to start the event on time. Kix knows what its doing already. Tune the damage high and the top 1% will coin their points. After a few hours kix will make an announcement saying they have listened to the player base and the damage will be adjusted. Frankly Im getting tired of this chit. Same old garage from Kix 
  • Max Thornton
    Max Thornton
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    I take very little damage from the 114's. Less than 10 mins. Prep with swallows and it's really easy.
  • Piratekiller_BOB
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    114 is insta in base and 116 is 45 mins with stealhead crew for me! Not over the top. Easy 
  • Game is Trash
    Game is Trash
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    It's events like this that make me question my sanity playing this game,and make me feel like donating my base to the under privileged pirates fund.
  • MillionDlrBil
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  • fury wine
    fury wine
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    Damage from 116 Pillage target for the Gambit is too overpowered 
  • Blackbeard III
    Blackbeard III
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    User_resU said:

    After hitting ONE 114 target and ONE 116 target - The proof is in the pudding...

    This crap truly  is ridicules Kixs! 

    That's 11h of repairs there.!
  • Grouchy_MF
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    Most players seem to be complaining about the 116 but the 114 is where the real damage comes from lets see the 114 done for a reasonable repair

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