Useless Ships

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Hello All.

From long time (in my case, years! we are doing events to get some ships to do PVP. We took long time to build, farm, get weapons, get special, Shields, a lot of refit to get a good fleet for PVP.

But i can noted in the last tiers, a lot of ships are 100% useless....the list of useless ship are pretty long...some of them to get useless later of massive nerf to fix some problem or bug. Some of the best examples of useless ships of tier10: Modulator, warbird,Breaker, Achitect and Optio, now the tier11 is the same: Hammer, Resilient, Scavenger, and Hook (no 100% useless in last case,can use it in suicide fleet)

The unbalance of tier11 is pretty high when you have some ship with extra +75% damage to health, so in tier11 we most use Anvil,Scrapper and Bulwark and stalker in pvp.

what I ask the developers to give us few ships by tier ( for example 4 o 5) and that they all be useful to fight so we don't have to waste time getting ships that are 100% useless later
Also in old times we used the Dreadnought to farm , it is useless now still in farming....getting massive damage still in elite vs actual cargo fleets

Thank you

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