Colossal Beatdown

Skilled Warrior
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Is this camp trying to live up to it's name?  Seems these targets are twice as powerful as what they were in the previous Gambit camp.
  • MillionDlrBil
    Joined Apr 2013 Posts: 2,674
    Yes it very much has always been a very tough campaign, I believe this to be intentional based on it's name. 
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  • Blackbeard III
    Blackbeard III
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    Designed to lighten your wallet
  • arnast
    Incursion Leader
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    It's the same with Reduced to Ruins TLC.. the defense on the turrets is way over the top typical kixeye all about lightening your wallets.
  • Aipaloovik
    Minor Nuisance
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    edited 23 Sep 2022, 11:11PM
    use a gambit fleet I ran through 2 mastery rounds with one fleet and had a third of it remaining after 

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