Another major Raid with Specific Fleets!

Potential Threat
Joined Jul 2015 Posts: 57
Well once again you people at Kixeye have a major raid with Specific Fleets to do them? Not everyone have the New Oblitorator, or the Flashbang and so I bet 80% of the players will sit this one out once again, including myself! Yes I've been on vacation with my family so I missed out on the Flashbang and the new Obliterator which just got introduced ; well; all the coiners will be playing while almost 80% can't play since we don't have the hulls.. GOOD Job Kixeye; Very disappointed with the way the game has been going lately! Specific hulls for every event! The game is getting ridicoulous and so many have thrown in the towel and left! Good Job!
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