New Updates and better prizes

Potential Threat
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Hey Kix how about updating some of these games? The events are so boring when you guys use the same targets  from FM's or current events? Even in Bounty the bases are all the same, if we hit a lvl 78 all the 78's are all the same...BORING.... The game isn't fun anymore it's like eating the same soup day after day ...BORING! The targets are always the same the campaigns have the same targets as the FM, like it is really starting to get tedious and so many have left the game! Even the FM needs some better prizes and maybe some new hulls so that players could get better equipment for their hulls? You guys introduce new hulls so quickly many of us are left behind, not all of us are stuck to a computer 7 days a week, some of us have lives and family and we play this game for fun! The fm for instance you introduce the lionfish and several weeks later the Brute and now the Gambit all within 2-3 months but take away all the easy targets and introduce a higher level one almost instantly??? It's no wonder so many have left or do you guys at KIXEYE don't notice the number pf players who can't be bothered to play the game anymore!  Come on Kix, its a fun game but your lack of introducing better targets and better prizes in the FM and events would encourage players to ebjoy the game!
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