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hi's been a if I got it right..we now have an Iphone application or something that can be used to auto-battle or salvage to get that App?..and off topic: is there a raid going on right now..are there still raids in the game?..and this tons of new stuff that I just found added tothe game now around 8 years since I played the last time..did it make the game better lol?..thanks in adavance

oh and I had such a bad introduction back in the good days it seems..gaming girls are just girls lol..I'm married to one now..
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    dont know if the changes are better . but you have to pay lo alot to stay on top

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    So, there USED to be a Battle Pirates app for phones, where you could do the basic auto-ing of targets on the map, & also repair fleets & base.

    The cool thing was the targets were only 3 seconds away in the app, vs who knows in the game itself.

    Looking in the Android playstore, it's no longer there, so I guess that shows how defunct it is.

    Maybe they found it just generated zero coin for Kix. I know people who downloaded it who were from New Zealand (like myself) got 200 coin as part of the app introduction, but some people abused VPN to spoof their location to CHEAT Kix out of coin.. 

    Add that Kixeye no longer owns BP. They sold it to a bunch of vegetables (errr, Swedes) known as Stillfort, & haha, game's been on life-support since (think the player base is what it was? Try about 16k during a raid IF they give away a raid fleet that's trash because without the upgrades, soak up LOADS of damage)

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    i save the facebook page in my groups on phone, android, and there is a link on there to play but it is quite limited, repair, auto targets etc. mainly use to repair while at work. Works a bit like the discontinued bp app
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