Release Notes (8/31/22)

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We’ve gathered over 50 targets from Tier 8 and created a whole new strike event! This strike will give players a regular opportunity to earn intel and spend it in the refreshed store featuring Umbra, Pharmakon, and Altarian technology.  Don’t forget to grab the rarely seen Fleet Commanders Ronin Gabriel, Paul Vahron, and Luna Roisin.  


  As noted in the last release notes, Modified Targeting Systems will no longer be equipable to Carriers. This release we have implemented a check for builds that are not following equipment rules. This means after the minimum version is enforced on 9/6, when a player logs onto their account, the server will look for any equipment that should not be present, remove them from the build, and grant a refit.   



The Resilient is a return to form Battleship, with its long-range dual firing arcs and armed to the teeth at the expense of defense. However, it keeps a defensive ace up its sleeve. Note: The Resilient is not showing the active icons correctly in combat. This will be corrected in a future update.

 Become Resilient on September 8th in Amalgamation 3PM PDT/ 10PM GMT

Eruption Missile

 The Eruption Missile is a three-level, Explosive Damage, multiple projectile MIssile with AoE.The Eruption Missile unloads a massive salvo of fast missiles that, when they explode, unleash a smaller missile that tracks nearby targets.    

Purge Intruder

 The Purge Intruder is a three level, medium Range Spawned hull that can be summoned into combat when the Trigger is activated. The Purge Intruder deals Alien Damage via an equipped Missile weapon.  

Base Salvage Wings

With the success of the fleet Salvage Wings, the Net, Extrication, and Breach, the Retrocitors used these as blueprints for new hangar weapons..    

Base Specials

With the success of the ship specials, the Retrocitors used these as blueprints for new base specials, Exposed Rounds , Overclocked Conductors, Rapid Munitions.

Experimental Salvage Set 8

Name Voltage Maximizer
Description While equipped, the hull’s equipped weapons will apply an amount of Stasis.
Flaw After 10  firing cycles, the voltage will short circuit the hull’s firing systems, resulting in slowing the fire rate down.
Trigger Value 10
Stasis Amount 20%
DelayAfterFire Increase +75%
Flaw Duration 5s


Begins: Thursday, September 2nd @ 3PM PDT Ends: Monday, September 5th @ 3PM PDT  


Begins: Thursday, September 8th @ 3PM PDT Ends: Monday, September 12th @ 3PM PDT  


Begins: Thursday, September 15th @ 3PM PDT Ends: Monday, September 19th @ 3PM PDT *20% Ship Build Discount (24 hours)  


Begins: Thursday, September 22nd @ 3PM PDT Ends: Monday, September 26th @ 3PM PDT *20% Ship Refit Discount (24 hours)  

Server Downtime

Begins: Wednesday, September 28th @ 10 AM PDT Estimated Downtime: 2 Hours   



  • Experimental Salvage "Field Extender" now extends Carrier field
  • Racket KI 155 target added back onto event spawners
  • Nitro Munitions now only applies bonuses to Explosive weapons
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