Memorials being hit......

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Hello All, It's been common practice for somme years now, that if a players family member passes away a show of respect is shown. In sector 40, a memorial is in place directly after warpath for a players wife who passed away. Unfortunately, players from sector 135 and sector 95 from mainly FFF & RAV have gone out of their way to hit all the units around this, even after being told  multiple times. These players continue to mock the players wife with no regards to others. I  know this is just a game, but some long standing players who we all have use the game as a break from reality but some players are adamant to pursue their hate into the game. If your family member passed away, I'm sure you would be grateful for players to show their respects without being hit, no matter what sector they came from. 

Kind regards
Kind Regards
Allan Hamilton
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