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The following changes & fixes are being applied in the Thursday, June 30th at 10am PDT update.

[Operation: War Games V]

Recovered from a commandeered Abraham, the key to stopping M.A.Y.H.E.M.'s conquest of the sector is locked behind a war simulation.

This Event will debut the first Factionless limited Unit, the Technical X. With a W14 engine, an AI-enhanced all wheel drive system and a rear mounted, carbon nanotube reinforced turret system, the Technical X takes you from 'Technically a car' to 'Technically not a tank' in 1.X seconds. As you level up the Technical X, it will continue doing additional damage. In addition to the Technical X, you’ll be able to earn 2 pieces of Gold Tech, High Luxury, which reduces the damage taken per shot, and Crocodile Variant, which replaces the Machine Gun turret with a Flamethrower. Both pieces of Tech can be equipped AT THE SAME TIME!

This will also be the first event to feature the Perseus Sector Goal Base, Perseus Omega Levels, and 2 pieces of Perseus Bronze Tech. 

STARTS: July 7th at 10:00am PDT

ENDS: July 13th at 10:00am PDT

*Briefing available Wednesday the 6th.

  • General Fixes and Improvements

  • Fighter Company Wingmen are no longer affected by Turbulence when Prototype Fuselage is equipped

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