Last minutes of Backyard Monsters and Desktop Defenders existence

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Knowing Backyard Monsters from a friend of mine since June 2011, this game brought me to playing online games quite intensively for another four years; other games include Empires & Allies, Army Attack, and a variety of other FB social games. Sadly, both E&A and AA closed, with E&A lasting for less than two years, while AA stood until 2016. I am impressed BP and WC stood the test of time and vibrance for FB games. The game brought fond memories of me and my friend ever since.

I am quite surprised that Backyard Monsters and Desktop Defenders have been standing until the very end of Flash despite having no updates at that point. Are there any footage or analytics regarding the last legs of these two games? Maybe KIXEYE still have servers dedicated to these two games and decided to shut them only at the time Flash ended.

By the way, I am actually MUFFED back then; nowadays I have been locked out of that account.
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