Spent more than $50 but cannot ticket

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Hey so Idk who to contact about this issue but I have spent more than $50 in the past on BP, I spent another $50 this month and I still can't put in a ticket for some reason. I don't mean to put anyone on blast over this issue but I also want to get what I did pay for. The reason I wanted to send in a ticket is because I paid for all the celestial brute shards and cannot see them in my advanced lab, after refreshing 5 times. I also expected to be able to send in a ticket after that long. 
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    Best way to get a response on this would be contacting a kix staffer via their Discord channel, however, I would think that one of the Mods might bring this to the attention of a Kix staffer that can help you.

    @MillionDlrBil I think this one is perfect for you to chime in on 
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    Cheers mate, yeah I'll pass it up so CS can check into your account @Gon_Fr

    Meanwhile as for shards; you'll find them in the Intelligence Lab under the Limited section and Shards tab. 

    Edit: I've just realised you're talking about a Skin. You'll find Skin shards by clicking on your regular shipyard and clicking on Ship Skin List. Find your Brute and it'll show you the Brute shards and skins you own. 
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    I have changed some settings in your account so that you can submit support tickets now!
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    Thank you both for the assistance, I will look over my account before looking for assistance next time! 
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