First Feedstock (M1 Inheritor Dreadnought Target)

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Imposing Astral Barony fleets have been detected in our sector! They are carrying fragments of the Inheritor Dreadnought, a famed hull created from the great minds of the Retrocitors. This creative hull returns to the firing arc seen with the Torus and preceding Dreadnought hulls and brings its extensive customization to the Void. The Inheritor encourages diversity and flexibility with its various slots, allowing lots of freedom. This Dreadnought contains three Overdrives called Battlefield Salvages, which augment the Dreadnought as you engage in combat, Meta, Spectre and Astral Barony resistances out of the gate, stasis immunity and three Experimental Salvage slots at start. You can collect this formidable hull by collecting 1000 M1 fragments from the one target, which is detailed below. You can own only one Inheritor Dreadnought, regardless of its markup level, no exceptions!

The M1 Inheritor consumes 961,041,513 H3 and 495,198,708 AM. Its an instant build. The target below will drop 6-14 M1 Inheritor fragments and starts at L170.
  • The Astral Barony Annex contains two M2 Errants, two M2 Knights, one M2 Trebuchet and a M6 Torus Dreadnought, all moving in one group. The Torus can be the main crux of the target, as there is guaranteed damage if its PS Active weapon, the Irradiation Missile, is launched. Killing it before it can launch the Missile is ideal. The other ships are able to be defeated without much trouble. There is a mix of EX and KI damage, with more focus on the latter. The use of Scrappers is suggested, due to their high DPS output. A M6 Executor can also do the job, but it is advised to not use spawned ships to avoid triggering the Torus' PSA.

Below are the stats for the M1 Inheritor. All the additional slots are on the second layer.


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    "A large Thruster designed for the massive Retrocitors Dreadnought, the Salvaged Thruster boosts forward and rear based mobility and acceleration."

    This specialized Thruster is built to support the Inheritor Dreadnought, allowing it to reach its top speed sooner with a Acceleration boost and turn faster to lock on to enemies faster and to cover its blind spot. It is also worth noting that the preceding Warden Dreadnought Thruster can be used on the Inheritor. There is no known release date for this Thruster, but, if I were to say, it would be in this month's Mobilization, going off on how the Ifrit Thruster was released in this event over several months at the time.

    *The Thruster has a visual bug (which is seen with existing T10 specials) where the plus sign is missing from the Acceleration and Rotation boosts. It will be fixed.
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    Three ES Slots? Now that's interesting.
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    Geez, the target is going to be interesting with that MKE Torus.
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    It will be fun.
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    game sucks now

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    all the while a 116 base gets 3 starred doing 10% to enemy fleet, old days you had max base it took more than 2 fleets to 2 star you if base was set right the game is neglecting the base side and focusing on farming..............we dont want to farm we want pvp fixed
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