Downtime & Release Notes (4/6/2022)

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Wednesday April 6TH @ 10AM PDT (Est. 1hr)

One of the largest updates this year, and includes the following content and activities:


*Shown at MKVI


*Shown at MKI 

[Crusade] The Retrocitors have been working with R&D and created the Stalker Ranger. Utilize the mobility and out maneuver enemies while earning the new Experimental Salvage components in Crusade. Starts Thursday, April 14th, 2022 at 3pm PST. 

[Campaign] The Enemy of My Enemy… This new campaign will feature 5 NEW! targets and continues the lore and what is to come after Keres’ defeat. Astral Barony forces continue to pour into the Sector, determined to bring destruction to those that stand in their way. Our newfound allies, the Retrocitors, have given us valuable intel as to the motives of the Barony and, even better, tools to help take the fight to them.

[Mobilization] The top players gain special ship skin and blood amber, plus fame and glory! Don’t forget to take advantage of the 20% Ship Build Discount. It will be active for the first 24 hours of the event for builds started after the discount begins. Starts Thursday, April 21st, 2022 at 3pm PST.

[Decimation]  Attack targets to complete the Retrocitor Bulwark Elite and grab the Hurricane Driver, Reclaimed Kinetic Shields, or Diversiform Missile Turret you might have missed. Don’t Forget:

  •  You earn additional points by triggering a siege fleet on your base after filling up the RAGE bar. 

  • There is a 20% Ship Refit Discount for the first 24 hours of the event!

  • Some targets use a Tiered Loot table—earn tech in each tier to unlock additional tiers.

Starts Thursday, April 31st, 2022 at 3pm PST.

[Tech] Experimental Salvage

  • Unstable Power Cells - While equipped, the DPS of the hull is increased.

  • Range Booster - While equipped, the hull's max effective range is increased.

[Hull] A new Ranger class hull, the Stalker can deal high damage from a very long range but cannot sustain much damage, requiring either an escort to prevent ships from sneaking within its minimum range or strong flying skills. 

[Tech] The Reclaimed EN Shield boosts shields to almost dangerous levels, although it is limited to a single damage type.

[Tech] The Charge Beam is a powerful beam weapon that ramps up quickly dealing heavy burst damage to enemies.

[Tech] The first Tier 11 Trigger; Surge Intruder warps in a single Intruder class ship, specializing in a single damage type. 

[Tech] New ship thrusters are being researched, starting with the Drag Thruster, which reduces hull drag helping hulls reach their top speed faster.

[Base Tech] Based on the Retrocitor’s Reclaimed Armor,  Reclaimed Plates boost module defenses once equipped.

[Base Weapon] Based on the hull weapon, Sling Driver Turret can now be equipped to bases.

[Hull] The Inheritor Dreadnought is intended to be a fleet replacement, working well against targets with high health but will see trouble with its rear blind spot and inability to deal with very large swarms of enemies.

[Tech] Salvaged Thrusters are best used to supplement a Dreadnought’s inherent weakness of mobility.

  • Tier 8 Strike

  • Updated Retrograde with tier 9 & 10 content

  • Fixed Android client and it is no longer crashing

  • Security updates added to prohibit Free Fleet Repairs

  • Scrapper weapon slot now functioning in combat

  • Mobile Push Notifications are sending, if enabled

  • Range of the Diversiform Missile Turret has been increased based on community feedback
  • Based on community feedback, triggers from previous Tiers are now available for T11 hulls


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