April CM Diary

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After some big breakthroughs, we have now been able to complete several new blueprints and technology to boost your fleets to the next level. Some of these discoveries include special base weapons and armor, ship cosmetics, and even a Dreadnought hull. Be prepared for the long road ahead as we continue to work tirelessly to defeat the Astral Barony and finally discover why they are here. 

Experimental Salvage Set 3

  • Unstable Power Cells - While equipped, the DPS of the hull is increased. In order to increase the DPS, power is drawn from the movement systems, resulting in a loss of all speed after 10 firing cycle for TBD seconds.

  • Range Booster -While equipped, the hull's max effective range is increased. Though range is increased, the power to boost that distance is taken from the hulls lateral movement.

Ranger Stalker

A new Ranger class hull that can deal high damage from a very long range while staying away from enemy fire. It cannot sustain much damage and will require either an escort to prevent ships from sneaking within its minimum range or strong flying skills. While it has the longest range on a player facing hull, it also has a very long minimum range, meaning enemy ships can sneak in more easily than with previous Ranger hulls.

Reclaimed Energy Shield

The Reclaimed Shield is a Retrocitor shield manufactured from scavenged technology. Able to boost shields to almost dangerous levels, although it is limited to a single damage type.

Charge Beam Weapon

The Charge Beam is a powerful Retrocitor weapon. Capable of dealing a massive burst of quick damage, this beam weapon utilizes energy damage that ramps up quickly dealing heavy burst damage to enemies.

Reclaimed Plates

Based on the Retrocitor’s Reclaimed Armo,  Reclaimed Plates are RIs that can be equipped to any module, provided they have enough available mass. 

Surge Intruder Trigger

Utilizing older models and prototypes of fighter hulls, the Retrocitors created the Intruders to assist their fleets in combat. When triggered, Surge Intruder warps in a single Intruder class ship, specializing in Plasma damage and applying Shield Suppression to enemies.

Drag Thruster

The Drag Thruster was designed by the Retrocitors to provide a thruster system capable of helping hulls reach their top speed faster.

Sling Driver Turret - Base Weapon

The Sling Driver was created by Spectre R&D to help Spectre hulls deal with individual, more armored enemies. With a higher rate of fire, the [Sling Driver] can punch through any hull, given enough time.

Inheritor Dreadnought Spotlight

Anvil Carrier

Salvage Squadrons

Weapon Specials

Retrocitor Resistors

Fleet Commander - Khalin Hullwright

Base Fields

Scourge Intruder

This information is for planning and tactical purposes. Be on the lookout for more information in upcoming release notes and event briefings. Thank you for being a part of VEGA Conflict.
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