Downtime & Release Notes (3/2/2022)

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[Refuge] This month’s event introduces the Bulwark Titan, the newest ship from the Retrocitors. Take on the Astral Barony Portcullis, Battlement and Rampart to earn the Bulwark, Reclaimed shield, Reclaimed Armor and the Hurricane Diver II & III in Refuge. 

Starts Thursday, March 10th, 2022 at 3pm PST. 

[Mobilization] Now is your opportunity to earn the Diversiform Missile Turret, along with the patterns for the Bulwark II-IV. Climb the leaderboards in Mobilization. 

Starts Thursday, March 17th, 2022 at 3pm PDT.

[Alliance War] Alliance War is a hybrid PVP/PVE event where Alliances fight with other Alliances for control over Mining Outpost in a special Unstable Sector to earn Intel and Solar Shards that they use to purchase prizes and unlock additional tiers or prizes in the event store respectively.

[Decimation]  The Astral Barony Keep holds the pieces to upgrade your Bulwark. Hit these during Decimation to craft a full fleet of Elite Bulwarks. 

Starts Thursday, March 24th, 2022 at 3pm PDT.


With more range than Titans from other factions and more space for weapons, the Bulwark was designed to be just as capable on offense as it is on defense. With its ability to wade into enemy fleets, drawing their fire while dishing out punishment in return, the Bulwark is a surprisingly flexible hull in any Retrocitor fleet.

[Experimental Salvage] 

  • Charged Hull- While equipped, the hull gets a boost to Armor health. Once a set amount of damage is taken, armor automatically draws power from the weapons systems for a set time, resulting in slower projectiles.

  • Energy Booster - Add the Energy Boost ES to get a boost to Shield Energy. After the hull's shields are brought down, it sends a surge of energy that effectively fries the weapon systems for a few seconds..

[Hurricane Driver]

Retrocitor salvagers crafted using scavenged driver weapons, such as the Storm Driver, found on old hull wrecks from forgotten battlefields. With a faster firing rate than most other drivers, albeit with shorter range, the Hurricane Driver cuts through any hull unfortunate enough to get too close.

[Reclaimed Kinetic Shield]

The Reclaimed Shield is a first generation Reclaimator shield manufactured from scavenged technology. It is able to boost shields to almost dangerous levels, absorbing Kinetic attacks as it does. 

[Campaign] A new campaign is added with five (5) new targets to continue lore and provide additional activities for those that want more combat. These campaigns will not only give you context to VEGA events, but will also give you prizes to keep your fleets up to date. 

  • Optio MK6 can no longer fire in all Directions
  • Alliance Menu graphics updated to show correct icons
  • Alliance Message of the Day is no longer limited to 50 characters, and can scroll
  • “Inactive" option from alliance roster has been changed to show last active date
  • Fleet Commander A9 has Spectre Resistance again, though at a lower number than when it was released
  • Modulator Prime Shift Boost resistances have been returned to the original stats 
  • Scrapper weapon slots are now firing with the correct arc
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