T11 Scrapper can`t fit shield, armor or weapons for T10 or lower

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Hi KIX Team,
is it a bug or a feature.
Cant fit shield, armor or weapons to Scrapper that are from T10 or lower.
All of them are limited to Xeno Division, Axis, Alterian, Umbra, Pharmakon and Spectre.

Will you please fix that soon.
Kind regards

  • Peng-TES
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    Hi KIX Suportteam.
    cloud you please answer to the topic?

  • EQUINOX 600
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    It is not something they will fix sadly as they want to force you to farm the rubbish new stuff, the new armor is ok but the shields are crap and limited to explosive so melt like hot butter and there are as yet no resistance items 
           Those ships are silly the people would need to be the size of ants to use them.
  • captainhh
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    Also we cant use any of the old credits to reduce some of the refiting time, each Scrapper is taking for ever to refit
  • etspaceghost
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    kixeye need money
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