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I am looking to make a group of english speaking players that are from the us who enjoy playing the game and want to grow large & strong as a group  im from the central usa and i put lots of hours in the game so im looking for active pleyers wether you new or old returning players .Only thing i require is that you be a legit  and loyal player .  im looking forward to helping and building a strong and powerful group . so if you enjoy playing and would like to grow together leave a reply and ill get back with you in a timely manner .
  • Exxes7
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    I'm interested. I joined over ten years ago, started a clan; 'The Tramps' but the game had many problems and bugs so I eventually lost interest. Came back in a few weeks ago and have been trying to re-aquaint myself but I have alot to learn and alot to upgrade before I can be competitive again even though I am level 40.
  • Mr. Dean
    Mr. Dean
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    hey man, hit me up, I too been looking, I'm a lvl49 and been playing over 10yr. would like to hear what you have.
  • NE - YO
    NE - YO
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    hey I'm interested in starting with the new Clan and having fun in this game again
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