nothing in bp looks like a ship

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No ship these days look like a ship more like space
  • Dan Gibson
    Dan Gibson
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    cross over devs from there space game Vega

  • BANZAI09
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    Looks more like death insects 
  • phil.rothwell.5
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    Perhaps something is lost in american/vietnamese translation.......I think the new Siege Armours look like motorbike engines.. B)  
  • BlackGriever
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    it looks more like a floating UFO

  • Sputnik001
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    The Gladius sort of looks like a ship........

    But totally agree, the Brute looks like a tick!!

    Then their is the Everest that looks like the Icebreaker.....then you have the Swallowtail that looks like the Ironclad but "with wings"....
  • CharlieEssie
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    At least they don't look like women's shoes anymore like the Praetorian.
  • Bindewe
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    I vote for adding a LOL or HAhA to the thumbs up menu
  • johnmacks
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    I like the diesel skins, almost believable bad as battle ships :) .......... "Diesel soot gets the moot".
  • PiratePeteX
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    What I hate even more is that most ships look very similar. Oh, I need a fleet of X, err, which are these again? Click, nope, not them, click, nope, click, nope. Click, oh, these ones.

    Doesn't help that the ships have such a short life span and their specs constantly keep getting worse, I no longer get "attached" to them.
  • Wabbitty
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    Yup, the designs are horrible. And too much copying one hull and add a spike here and there. Clueless comes to mind.
  • MalcolmR
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    I mentioned this very thing years ago, that the BP hulls look like Vega rejects.  Would be nice to have ships that actually look like something that could float on the water.  I gave up on that ever happening in BP.  When I want to play a game with something that looks like a warship I just load up WoWs and life is good.
  • nomaduz
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    johnmacks said:
    No ship these days look like a ship more like space
    I was just saying this the other day. I mean the Artic Obliterator looks like a special or an engine part for god's sake. lol I used to say that the Everist looked like a mini-star destroyer from Star Wars. hahaha
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  • Blackbeard III
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    Does anyone think that if these ships actually existed, that they'd be remotely seaworthy in an Atlantic gale? Let alone a decent storm.

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