Feedback: some Improvements to consider

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1. Mountains could be Introduced into the Retro Lab to an R5 Level, with R1 Activating an Aura around the Mountain Granting it De buffing Ability against Attacking Fleets, while adding Buffing Ability to Defending Fleets, where as each R level afterward Increases De Buff/Buffing at 5% Intervals with a maximum of 25% at R5
2.Walls are drab and very boring looking, it would be an appearance improvement to Introduce Skins for walls based on Players Faction Choice (Default look based by faction) or themed Skins from prize lists in Events.
3.Pop up floating barriers as seen in the PVE targets as new content for base defense, while they will not stop any projectiles they only serve to redirect an Attacker, while keeping to the no closed gaps rule. Just like Mountains, these Barriers can eventually be destroyed by Direct Targeting so not to be cumbersome to the Attacker while Maneuvering during the Attack. Introducing these Barriers to the Retro Lab is debateable.
4.Allow Multiple Portals to be used on land tiles, this is intended to free up space and allow for further Dynamics.
5.Allow the Dismissal or recruitment of Crews while on the Map on the Go. 
6.Introduce a slot in all Labs to Hold a P-T Transformer, this will allow for future base weapons requiring more power.
7.Introduce new base defence armor in keeping with the newer Conqueror Class Ships
8.Addition of 2 more HT Turrets and 2 extra Mountains 
9. SAW Factory level 3 which raises weight limit and amount of mines to be deployed
10.Most Buildings have had no change to appearance in a very long time, and would rejuvenate player interest and morale and foster creativity, by introducing skins for Labs matching players faction choice, in the same way the appearance of the Ops Building Changes, so could the Labs.

Of course there's no doubt limitless Ideas from every player, so I absolutely encourage you's to add more Ideas in the Comments.. thx
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