Introducing your new Community Manager!

CM Dade Murphy
CM Dade Murphy
KIXEYE Community Manager
Joined May 2015 Posts: 760

Greetings rebels,

As many of you have seen, our Customer Service Manager Yvette has been ramping up in channels such as Discord, getting to know everyone better in the community and answering questions. This is by design: I have been the community manager for both War Commander: Rogue Assault and Vega Conflict, leaving my attention split between the two titles. 

To best serve the community, I’d like to introduce your new Community Manager, Yvette! They will be dedicated solely to VEGA Conflict, keeping you informed of everything coming down the pipeline, acting as the liaison between the game team, and making sure things are running smoothly in the community. 

Yvette is no stranger to VEGA Conflict - if you’ve reached out to support, there’s a good chance you’ve interacted with them over the last few years, so rest assured knowing you are in good hands. Feel free to reach out to them on Discord and say hey!

For the time I’ve gotten to spend serving the community, I would like to thank each and every one of you for the distinct pleasure and privilege.

Signing out, Dade.

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