Windows 11 and BP

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Just wondering if anyone is using windows 11 yet and if so any issues with playing the game other than the usual issues? I am debating the free upgrade but not if anyone is having issues with the game on it.  
  • MillionDlrBil
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    I haven't yet, but am looking at upgrading also. I'm just not ready to ensure everything is backed up yet so I've not pulled the trigger lol. I'm sure I'll get there soon. 

    I've not seen any reports anywhere though of issues directly related to running Windows 11. It does have a high min spec compared to previous versions though so be sure to read the requirements before you upgrade. 
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  • Skrillex 314
    Skrillex 314
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    I upgraded to windows 11 a few days ago and haven't had any problems with the game so far.
  • wing-dang-doodle
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    I upgraded to windows 11 a few days ago and haven't had any problems with the game so far.
    same mate. np so far.
    you keep whining like me but we are still here, i love broken pixels, how about you
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    Running Windows 11 already on an not allowed CPU you can get that worke by changing a regestry key.  H still have same bugs that i had with windows 10. Sometimes i'm not able to join battles and keep etting back on map everything else is running fine on Edge in Windows 11
  • ThePrimate
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    Given that Microsoft have been releasing new versions of windows since Windows95 that have more than their fair share of bugs in them, I've always found it prudent to wait at least 12 months (or until the first Service Pack is released) before upgrading. If it ain't broke I don't need to fix it with an upgrade (free or not).
  • steve.english.35
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    seems to be working ok for me..

  • cman57
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    thanks all.   might take the plunge this weekend.  

  • Jagang50
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    Upgraded to windows 11 last night, took 1.5 hours.
    Everything is really smooth so far.
  • Chris Fletcher
    Chris Fletcher
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    i have used it for the last 8 week on windows insider program and i can say it works fine had no problems and that was in beta as well

    Potential Threat
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    This should make forums SING with PRAISE!!!
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