No more conflict in vega conflict

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Why is thir no more conflict in vega anymore. By moveing all farm fleets into untouchable non conflict hyper gate sectors. Thir is zero reson to even fight. Only if you go looking for a fight even then it's hard to even find a fight. Why spend money on super ships to not even be able to use them in pvp. When you had fleets farming in sector you had to be smart call for assistance get ur buddys involved hunt in packs thir was drama CONFLICT!!actual fun. Plese give us in sector options. Maybe higher rewards for a no safe zone farming. For risky fun. Becouse just farming to get more farm fleets sucks lol. Thanks deejays

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    Oh yes and home sectors look like ghost towns becouse everyone is in protected farm sectors. Why would I wana log on to watch pepole auto farm old stuff. No reson to even log in during the week except to collect coins. As thir is no conflict. for decent prizes. in home sector hunts for new loot targets with joint player fleets to get people involved. Come on guys heps you can do.

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    its now hide and seek using a jumpship/dread OR its playing peek-a-boo where you hit a fleet peek to see what it is run away only to run whilst you  or someone else brings a counter..............this game is failing they will keep bringing new tech out but wont fix any issues from previous tiers< a cool down on a fleet fro 30 seconds to prevent it escorting whilst 15 seconds giving 15seconds to attack it so it cant hid might help....................................
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    Conflict died a long time ago, when the age of true coining came about. No longer was it about ship build, fleet makeup and ‘some’ skills. It became buy an instant super fleet that would easily overpower lesser fleets which most other players had to farm and build slowly. So as a consequence many players left the game, p2w isn’t fun! Farming for stuff became overwhelming, not just mk upgrades but now you need to farm EVERYTHING to fit in each slot of your ships. By the time most players have finished farming required items, likely for a few hours a day over 4 days every week - you think people are then gonna feel like PvP? No they tired and exhausted, got multiple fleets in repairs why would you then PvP? PvP is only fun if there was either very low repairs (maybe 90% rep discount), or indeed free repairs for all! That way, everybody can PvP if they feel like it, without being put out/set back from farming targets.

    If we didn’t have PvP free zones for farming, I think you’d find it would launch a tsunami of players going to the exit door! If a minority of players can persistently knock out the majority of players with coin - that majority will simply quit then who would you hit? Seems a lot of real coiners don’t like to hit people with equal made fleets fit for PvP, with a preference for hitting farmers, damaged fleets or indeed whipping out the correct counter from an escort group after witnessing what’s in a fleet. The jokes on you really if you spend money buying super fleets, you’ve been farmed by Kixeye! Coin should be for repairs only, after honourable battles with like minded individuals that want to PvP. 

    The reality is Vega is not a PvP game, it’s a farming game with PvP tacked onto the side for those that want it. Had they wanted to make it a PvP game, they would be invested in a continuous stream of new players with small incentives to spend only a few dollars/pounds a week or month, having fun enjoying themselves. Millions of players online even spending a dollar a month would make them a lot of money. Sadly the greed of frustration farming and milking whales with shiny new toys is the downfall of the game. There is no purpose to PvP - what exactly do you get for it? A big fat nothing! If you gonna get a days worth of reps, you’d use it to gain stuff from events/farming. In any normal multiplayer game, you respawn within ten seconds (for free) and have another go. That’s how games are meant to be, everybody having fun unfortunately Vega isn’t geared up for that. It’s funny to think anyone maybe past 2016 thought Vega was anything other than a farming in space game, no one takes PvP seriously only a deluded handful of whales.
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    The problem why no one is interested in PvP is that there is no reward for it. People want to be effective and when they lose a fleet for nothing PvP loses it´s attraction. I think the upcoming alliance war is a great example how Vega can make PvP attractive. Getting a reward for risking ones fleets is a lot more interesting. Regular resources aren´t worth a lot, so there must be more than this.

    1: An interesting war system. The war system is literally just a colour theme that doesn´t mean anything for the battlefield. There are many games with ideas outside that show how it can be done. Also a "meaning" to go to war, other than "just" fun. Maybe special war rewards, a warshop for example with war currency. Then also fighting fleets would have a purpose. I also like the idea of an alliance headquarter that can be upgraded like a base by an alliance leader and his officers. The materials must be farmed slowly inside the base and can be stolen from other players bases. 
    This also opens room for maybe new flagships or alliance fleet flagships that can only be crafted with aliance currency and bring a new level of fleet fights? That would be great to see. 4 vs 4 players for example in an alliance flagship fleet fights. And alliance base raids also with multiple players. There are a lot of options for big scale pvp with a war system!

    2: A bounty system. Players can set a bounty in coins on another player and who ever kills one of his fleets or his base gets a 10% coin payout of the instant repair cost he inflicted to the victim. And the bounty stays active as long as there is still coin left in the bounty wallet on his head. This encurages players to do a lot more small game pvp and there is also a reward to hunt for fleets with bounties. 

    Let me know what you think about it? 

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    This game has been going down the **** ever since the Xeno Division back in T6. The only good tier afterwards was T7 when the RPS system was fully realized.
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